About Us

Zenxin Agriculture Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysia agriculture based company established by our founder Mr Tai Kok Kong since early 1986. The core business of Zenxin is poultry farming including production of broiler day old chick and quality table eggs. In order to self supply fertilizer to oil palm plantation, and organic fruits & vegetable cultivation subsidiaries, Zenxin adopts modern technology from Japan & Germany in year 2001 to produce premium quality fertilizer with the trademark of Midori in an environmentally friendly concept. After a decade of R&D and practical study, Midori certified organic fertilizer and organic compound fertilizer are well recognized in the global organic fertilizer market.

Quality Assurance

  • Zenxin is honoured being certified as organic fertilizer producer by international organic certifier, NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Limited) since 2008.
  •  In year 2015, Midori fertilizer is awarded EM certificate by EMRO Japan (EM Research Organization, Inc.).  
  • Ever since then Midori 333 certified organic fertilizer becomes one of the best selection for both organic and conventional growers. Furthermore, Midori organic compound fertilizer 6-3-18-3+TE is proven for more than a decade of practical oil palm trial to be effective fertilizer with significant result for oil palm crop improvement and disease resistance

Superb Quality

With years of R&D and practical trials, Zenxin has formulated premium quality fertilizer to supply the requirement of various crops under different growing stages. Zenxin will strive to become the trusted agriculture mate and excel together with our agriculture partners.

Zenxin is the award winner of SCBEA year 2016

In year 2016, Zenxin Agriculture Sdn Bhd is awarded Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards in the category of Product & Service Excellence Award.


Zenxin Agriculture Sdn Bhd proudly achieves Malaysia Agro Excellence Award 2017 under category of Outstanding Fertilizer Quality Product Award of the year. Midori fertilizer will continue to strive for best quality for our value customers.